Current Timeless Projects


We are a multifaceted organization here at Timeless Solutions. At this moment our expert team of social mavericks and global innovators are focused on building out a number of independent and interlinked projects. These projects are being designed with you in mind and we would love your feedback. Below we have listed the main endeavors we are currently growing in order to usher in a full spectrum, student-centric, cradle-to-cradle learning system that empowers a new educational paradigm, and a thriving living template for the enrichment of the human experience. We are actively looking for additional team members, philanthropists and investors to support the continued expansion of each project.

Digital Learning Ecosystem

The E.A.R.T.H. Project

Now Generation Documentary/Book Combos

E.A.R.T.H. Revealed

Idea Breakdown; Exit the Matrix/Joining the EARTH
The human race is becoming an unsustainable burden on this planet. More and more resources are moving into fewer hands as the 21st century speeds along, with the masses of the planet living in large cities that are unsustainable 50-100 years out into the future. Even as disease and poverty persist across the globe, major nations continue to spend record figures in military expeditures. Clearly, it is time for change.
Follow us as our agent team moves into large cities to begin to pull working professionals out of the system to join our evolution network, dedicated to uplifting humanity into higher levels of consciousness, sustainability, and efficiency, to create a thriving future for planet earth. Each member selected for the evolution network completes a 40 day intensive cleanse/healing/activation workshop at our EARTH site, where we follow their journey of personal development and learning. All filmed in crisp 1080HD….

EARTH Revealed  is the documentary we are creating to share the essence of conscious community and holistic education. This film will be centered around the construction of the first E.A.R.T.H. community. This safe sanctuary is being built to embody a holistic living and learning paradigm, that empowers and educates each resident and visitor to lead a life of unlimited purpose, passion and potential. Viewers will live vicariously through the film that offers an epic adventure delving into how to live in a thriving way together and usher joy back into the process of learning for today’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders!

EARTH Revealed will feature over several dozen families learning to live together in harmony with one another and the planet. Bio-architecture, coupled with building innovations like geodesic immersion domes, will form the infrastructure of the learning center. The eco-retreat center will provide rejuvenation and healing space for the local community and those who come to visit. Large-scale organic agriculture production will provide food for the entire community and create micro-businesses with high profitability. These communities will be a testing ground for state-of-the-art inventions in the areas of: energy technologies, regenerative products, agricultural systems, water purification devices, eco-friendly architecture and much more.

Media Team:

Filmmaker: Akira Chan;

Film Support: Brian Hardin;

Documentary Cast:

E.A.R.T.H. community members, globally renowned cultural creatives and special guests visiting the property.

Note: Conscious Media Production: We believe sharing everything we do with the world is crucial to spreading our community model, values and potential!   TV Reality Shows, Educational Short Films & Full-Length Documentaries… lets empower the world to wake up to the possibilities of living in a conscious, sacred community.


Contact us to learn more about any of these independent projects or to inquire about them all.