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Timeless Solutions is actively seeking partners who are interested in radically transforming the educational paradigms that are so ripe for reinvention.

We are looking for investors and philanthropists to invest in our first E.A.R.T.H. Learning Community AND our digital learning platform, HeartHub.


This first site will be our showcase template, to empower a global network of independent and interlinked Eco-villages around the world; they are each centered around the concept of holistic education, and evolving experiential learning, from conscious conception to death; each is connected through our virtual learning ecosystem built on a clean energy powered intranet system.

The EARTH Project is looking for aligned partners to support our vision with a preliminary investment of $10 million. The majority of this investment will go toward purchasing land which will be owned almost entirely by the partners. The minority of this investment will go into the operating company, which the partner(s) will have an equity stake in, performing business on that property. The operating company will have a repurchase agreement to buy the land from the partner(s) at a set price over a 10 year period.


We have compiled an expert team devoted to building the world’s first fully interactive, all-encompassing virtual learning platform; a hub to bridge the various learning philosophies into one central hub; a platform that preserves the integrity of each system, creates a lifelong unified learning profile, and allows anyone, anywhere, at anytime, to access ancient and modern wisdom, in a way intuitive to individually unique brilliance. This ecosystem will share the wisdom from our physical campuses, and all of our unique virtual classes, and hundreds of affiliated educators and organizations around the world, in one consolidated place. The Timeless Learning Ecosystem (HeartHub) will be ready for by late 2013, if below funding is attained.

 TOTAL Investment Required: $1.25 million