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Digital Ecosystem

What would it take to create a wildly empowering, culture honoring and student-centric advanced online ecoverse, to provide a learning platform to expand and enrich the processes of natural lifelong learning?
How would this system reflect the marketplace demands of our current technology era, and provide a 1-stop-shop of tangible resources, for students to experience joyful self-discovery?
What would that look like?…  Join us on our mission to find out!


Our platform is currently being called HeartHub. Check out this video to learn more:

Timeless Learning “HeartHub” Digital Ecosystem

An advanced online educational platform serving today’s youth, as tomorrow’s leaders. Using documented classes generated at our communities, affiliated learning centers and systems around the world, and a team of in-house 3D content developers, the online platform is designed to offer pathways to holistic, new paradigm competency in a full range of knowledge and skills. Our goal is to consolidate the world’s largest repository of unbiased, professional educational content and make it accessible to all people, anywhere, at anytime. This content will come in forms ranging from live streaming to recorded video, simple puzzle to 3D games, interactive books to downloadable audio files. The system will be designed as a learning hub for all people to increase self-knowledge in a safe, fun and affordable way.

This nexus point is designed to be an impartial, unbiased hub of learning for the children of Earth. All learning systems and platforms will have the opportunity to have an entire world set up within the galaxy of learning we are creating; visual representations of this makes for a fun way to navigate various realms of learning. The Timeless Learning System will be the beta for this educational galaxy; we will then invite Kahn Academy, TedEd, Self-Design, Global Village School, K-12, Montessori, Waldorf, Sudbury and others to share their wisdom through this system. Benefits to other learning systems include highly increased publicity, wisdom dispersal, inter-connectivity, visual representation of learning material… and most important, enhanced ability to empower children around the world to thrive while leading lives of limitless purpose, passion and potential!

We will distribute our K-8, high school, and adult curriculum to a rapidly growing home school marketplace. This will be available for lease to aligned educational partner organizations who share the Timeless Solutions vision. Broken into several phases, our initial beta-release is scheduled for 6 months, to allow our Ph.D Curriculum Developer and team of education specialists to continue developing and refining our learning system. The Digital Ecosystem is scheduled for a free, beta-release launch by Spring 2013.  First 500 premium members will be signed up for free to test and evolve this revolutionary education platform.

We are currently raising funds to continue development of our Timeless Ecosystem. Give a gift of limitless educational experiences and a thriving life of children of all ages.

New Earth Learning Paradigm Scenario

Imagine a class of twenty 5th grade students, sitting down to begin class, in a Santa Fe EARTH Learning center.  Before starting, the HD monitor in the front of the room turns displaying Skype feeds from students joining in from their homes around the world.  The class has 5 minutes to interact, talk to and participate in activities to develop relationships with their international counterparts.  The certified, trained Wisdom Sharer (teacher) begins class with ten minutes of body movement, breath awareness, and meditative visualization before diving into Sacred Economics.  The students at home enjoy a live-video feed of the class, ask the teacher questions via virtual chat, and take receive creative projects to experience the information in action.

Back in Santa Fe, class is over, students walk amongst the gardens they helped plant, which produce food that they sell at the local Farmers Market on Fridays.  On the way to their next class, they have an extra 5 minutes to interact, in real time, with a home-school student in London on the interactive, HD projector monitor outside the community garden.  Daily conversations with peers around the world, allows students to acquire a truly diverse education, with global perspectives. The student’s family rests easy knowing that bio-architecture and grounding products nullify all EMF exposure to children.

Bridging Ancient and Modern Wisdom

We’ve find great importance in the resurgence of certain indigenous ways of being, we seek to share the wisdom of ancient cultures around the globe. Combined with the latest social, advancements, research and technology, this ancient wisdom offers ways to rapidly advance the consciousness of humanity. We envision a powerful learning platform to build cognitive abilities, perspectives, character development and self-empowerment for a thriving human experience. We live in a unique moment where the world, and even the cosmos, are available at our fingertips.  Through the Internet, we can leverage local wisdom and resources, to empower and connect a global culture of students, parents and educators

Real Life. Real Classes.

We deliver our Timeless Curriculum online through a library of professionally produced Videos, eBooks, audio pod-cast, and gaming formats. All our content at our physical locations will be documented and edited to bring bring the classroom online.

Our interactive, all-encompassing digital environment offers fundamental courses in areas such as mathematics and science, while incorporating Timeless Curriculum additions:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Wholehearted Leadership
  • Nutritional Awareness
  • Plant Knowledge
  • Energy Systems
  • Master Gland Activation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Science of Resonance
  • Worldview Transformation
  • Quantum physics

Social Alienation & Personal Development

After each lesson, applications for acquired knowledge, along with activities for personal development, are provided for integration of wisdom into the physical world.  Students will receive many benefits from this digital ecosystem including the ability to network with other students and a global teacher base.  Social Alienation becomes a problem of the past as the Timeless Digital Ecosystem bridges the worlds or traditional, home-school and tutor-based education.

We believe homework should be experiential learning, not just regurgitating numbers or words on a screen.  Many of our assignments will focus on engaging students, with regular parental involvement, through “real-world” assignments. Creative assignments, such as building a small garden, creating a nature-based piece of art and growing mushrooms, are deigned to invoke a positive relationship with the Earth to balance out the technological inputs.

Annual Cost

A small monthly fee will be charged for parents, seeking to upgrade from a free base version, to provide an accredited home school experience for their children; the total annual cost will be no more than the average cost of a college semester’s books.  Exclusive content and services will be available only to paid member; this includes the technology, mentorship, and full system usage necessary to experience a completely personalized and wholly supported development process.

The Timeless Digital Ecosystem has already had inquiries from Education Institutions and Organizations in the USA, England, Ecuador, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Peru and Australia.

“With an Internet connection and a few hours a day, students can gain an education, while learning highly marketable and personally fulfilling skills, in technology, design, nutrition, wellness, entrepreneurship, and just about anything they please.” Joyous Presence

Heart-Core Education Hub

We believe it is essential for children and adults alike, to adopt sustainable living practices, holistic life skills and a sense of core empowerment, to help humanity change their inner world, which naturally effects the outer world.

The Timeless Ecosystem is an all-encompassing learning platform serving the children of Earth in the following ways:

  1. Virtual home-school system (Á la carte learning, full home-school system, educator resources and network…)
  2. Educational video library to share wisdom to anyone (“Conscious, professionally moderated, YouTube with educational software”)
  3. Connection hub for global network of inspired co~creators and extraordinary global citizens
  4. Resource for partner educational organizations to share content and personal philosophy
  5. Online store for sustainable school supplies & learning tools

Parents Learn Too

Parents will also benefit from our ecosystem thanks to lessons, courses, workshops and intensives, on conscious living and parenting, provided by experts in a wide range of fields. By offering parents these resources, we encourage familial involvement in the process of continuous life learning; we believe that finding joy self-discovery and worldly exploration is essential to the life success of our students.

Timeless Teacher Training

Each summer, we will host a Teacher and Mentor training workshop, within an EARTH community.  This is a 30 or 60-day immersion into the Timeless Learning philosophy and lifestyle practices.  Daily consciousness raising discussions and activities will be complemented with the most high quality food and housing we can provide. Teachers & Mentors will be renewed, inspired and prepared to educate and empower others to also lead a life of unlimited purpose, passion and potential.

Currently, homeschooling parents must take on the task of creating a space for their children to thrive.  Often, this fundamental piece is completely or partially missed.  We offer courses, and even personal home-visit coaches, to premium-paying users to help create a sacred space, conducive to optimal learning.  Among leading students and parents through a training module on how to use the Digital Ecosystem, coaches will provide material & suggestions for healthy nutrition, learning materials, room feng shui, and hands-on activities. This will benefit families by establishing and maintaining a tangible relationship with the Timeless family, while thriving a personally optimized learning environment, and giving parents the tools for success.

Virtual Guidance Counselors

Premium users get help creating unique, personally adaptable curriculum flow charts through certified Timeless Teachers and Tutors. These services will be a “one-stop-shop” to help a student progress from Pre-K through High School and into higher-education settings such as HeartMath Institute, Wisdom University and Gaiam University.

Imagine students in California, or North Carolina or Australia developing a personalized course schedule during a 1-hour Skype session with a certified Timeless Mentor based in Kauai!  This is the future of the next generation education for self-empowered, socially connected young leaders.