E.A.R.T.H. Project


  • Advanced Educational Environments, Materials, Practices and Concepts
  • Holistic Mind, Body and Spirit Development
  • Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions
  • Integrative Wellness Services
  • Empowering Opening of the Sacred Heart
  • Awakening the Wisdom of a Blissful Co-Existence
  • Healing by Authentically Sharing in Truth & Vulnerability
  • The Highest Attainable Nourishment through Vibrant Foods and Raw Superfoods

The E.A.R.T.H. Project

Our vision is create a living laboratory to evolve experiential education and develop progressive learning solutions. This Educational Alternative Research Timeless Haven (E.A.R.T.H.) will engender a culture of creative development, to provide full spectrum lifestyle, and holistic learning experiences, for people of all ages. A permanent community of cultural creatives will live on-site to grow the center, showcase leading earth-friendly technologies and practices, and embody the epitome of the land stewardship we advocate. 

This collaborative, land-based initiative will be co-created by leading experts and social innovators. We will partner with individuals and enterprises that have created the many diverse pieces necessary to build a thriving community incubator. Reaching out to the worldwide community, the E.A.R.T.H. Project is excited to further advance the global collaborative effort of forward thinkers, visionaries, and motivated individuals interested in working towards a better future for the entire human organism.

EVERYTHING we implement, innovate and invent will be professionally documented and shared with the world. Imagine a user-friendly interface with high quality learning videos showing the “how to’s” of sustainable living?

We’re talking seriously entertaining, informative, easy to understand video tutorials on all the components necessary to create a thriving, self-sustainable lifestyle for you and your family! Our Digital Ecosystem will provide just that, along with a full homeschooling platform for anyone, anywhere, at anytime to engage in the process of life learning.

We are currently looking for philanthropists and partners to align with for the construction of the E.A.R.T.H. Project. Please contact us if you are highly interested in creating together.


Long-Term Vision

Create a global network of independent and interconnected Eco-communities that support a New Educational Paradigm. Each E.A.R.T.H. center will be tailored to its environment; E.A.R.T.H. communities will share a documented example, of the longevity and profitability of sustainable living, along with all the ways to get there.  Through micro-business development, and the active embodiment of personal empowerment through hands-on learning, each site will generate it’s own income stream, while providing all life essentials to community members. 


Accessibility For All

Dynamic use of state-of-the-art technologies, along with the use of an open-source unified curriculum template and digital learning platform, allows the Timeless Vision to be deployed on a global scale. The E.A.R.T.H. Project was created as much to link existing communities, to a new paradigm of global learning, as it was to build unique ones. We are actively seeking to partner, on aligned land projects and learning system evolution, with existing and start-up communities around the world. Our main initiative, within the Eco-community movement, is to provide a learning system, platform, network and political movement to empower today’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders.

“A human-scale, full-featured settlement in which human activities are harmlessly integrated into the natural world in a way that is supportive of healthy human development, with multiple centers of initiative, and (which) can successfully be continued into the indefinite future.”

—Eco-Villages and Sustainable Communities, a Report for Gaia Trust by Context Institute, Robert and Diane Gilman, 1991

Community Living – Reclaiming our Heart Wisdom and Core Purpose

By creating communities, that make it easy, affordable and rewarding to be socially and environmentally conscious, a whole shift in behaviors and culture naturally arises that fundamentally transforms the lives of people.

E.A.R.T.H. sites combine a hybrid matrix of profitable real estate development, new paradigm economic development, and Eco-community cooperatives; this provide members with a higher standard of abundance and wellness, for significantly less money, time and effort, than is required in current society.


This page is currently under construction.  We are working on dividing this one site into the three that it should be to properly represent each project. New website is scheduled for July 2012!  Stay updated on our blog.


The E.A.R.T.H. Community will provide members with sustainable housing, fresh organic foods, nutraceuticals and  phytomedicines, renewable energy, new paradigm economic opportunities, access to whole-person wellness centers & integrative healthcare, applied and interactive education, conscious childcare, clean transportation technology, science & innovation centers, creative centers for art, music & media, and entrepreneurial centers to help community members start their own businesses. Additionally, EARTH Communities can provide residents and investors with diversified income streams from community businesses in all of the sectors mentioned above.

The following eight nodes represent the dynamic operations and means of development that compose the E.A.R.T.H. Project Vision.


Once an individual deploys the practice of embodiment in their life, like minded individuals can then effectively come together, thus creating a framework for an empowered community. To achieve this emerging new paradigm of community living, we need a fundamentally new operating system for our organizations – a core upgrade to the way we administer, negotiate, and execute the performance of such a composition. We will be deploying various aspects of the Holacracy model for this upgrade, which offers a comprehensive practice for the management of each E.A.R.T.H. Project site. Its transformative structure and dynamic processes help to mesh the collective wisdom of the people throughout the organization to maintain integration. This integration allows for the community to consistently stay in alignment with its authentic purpose of operating organically.

Holacracy takes the principles, ideas, and emerging New Paradigm mindsets of the community and global culture, and instills them in the actual structures and processes of its organizational model. This practice brings the whole model and affiliated community to life, and the result is a dramatically increased sense and implementation of agility, transparency, innovation, and accountability within the operational features of the organization. Weekly community council gatherings will be used as a means to consistently track, and practice the effectiveness of these operational tenets. By sitting in circle with one another and honoring each member’s time and sharing with the use of the ‘talking stick’ symbolism, we actively engage in conscious listening and conscious communication shared here from the heart. This inspires authenticity, trust, and connection and ensures the overall morale, sense of unity, and sustainability amongst community members.



The E.A.R.T.H. project has quite the opportunity at hand. By creating these Eco-villages and communities, we will be able to embody many practices, skill-sets, crafts and lifestyle dynamics. We are excited and empowered to know that ultimately everything authentically being done on our properties will be created into curriculum and channeled into sharing what we do that works, and how we do it. Through teaching hands on learning in classes, events, and courses that are held with the land and extended community, people will travel from all over the world to become fully immersed in the E.A.R.T.H. project to experience the living training. In order to make the biggest impact, every type of learning node available on-site will also be represented digitally through online classes, live-streamed workshops, e-books, video courses, educational video games for children, virtual coaching and much more. Each E.A.R.T.H. site’s physical Timeless Learning campus and online Digital Ecosystem can then share a unified New Earth curriculum designed for people of all ages, thus creating the transition into a new educational paradigm based around the holistic life education.



The embodiment of personal autonomy and self reliance empowers, and liberates the individual to be more autocratic and simultaneously more collaborative with others of like mind and like heart. With personal authority and legitimate power clear, confidence builds naturally and replaces the dis-empowering behavior of looking outside one’s self for validation. This knowing allows for the individual to be in a constant state of integration with their surroundings, free to ask for help, input, constructive advice, and assistance from others to further the developmental process and application of personal authenticity and integrity in their lives and amongst community. The E.A.R.T.H. Project is a representation of this type of active engagement and embodiment of authentic earth living, raising community collaboration to new levels of sustainability by teaching others to do the same. This is a regenerative model for individuals to come together and create community by walking the talk, and to learn through hands on embodiment of the Timeless Learning Education.



A community designed sustainably teaches and actively role models stewardship; stewardship for the self, and stewardship for the social, economic, environmental, and collective well being of the community as a whole. This shared responsibility helps to maintain the sustainable use of resources for the Eco-Village and is a feedback loop for all other aspects of its design. The foundational goal here is for the community members and infrastructure to symbiotically coexist in perfect balance and harmony with the ecology of its region while self-providing all of the vital resources for the members of the community to thrive. Each community will utilize the latest in state-of-the-art sustainable technologies to provide Food Cultivation, Energy Resourcing, Water Harvesting, Shelter Design, and personal development strategies, as the key stone for the abundant production of resources to sustain the whole organism.


Health & Wellness

To maintain, up keep, and care for the momentum of sustainability within an enduring and empowered community, a foundational support for the health and well-being of each individual is vital and intrinsic to authentic stewardship. Each community’s support infrastructure is to include dynamic onsite wellness centers host to traditional and holistic medical practitioners, healers, and nutritionists, to utilize the latest in state-of-the-art medical treatment protocols, nutraceuticals, and other health and wellness modalities, providing top of the line health care services. Making use of Time Banking Systems, that promote equality by building caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent, full access to the Health & Wellness services are made available. Co-creating in tandem with the Health & Wellness Center, Next Level Foods, LLC, will R&D sustainable food and nutraceutical production on site and become a high-nutrition food production micro business for the community. Sourcing fresh foods and herbal nutrition from our onsite Biodynamic and Agro-Forestry Permaculture farms, combined with our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and packaging facilities, we will produce high-end quality material goods to supply the surrounding natural food stores, husbandry industry, and community co-ops. This team will also be incorporated into the development of our nutritional awareness and educational curriculum that will serve our online digital eco-system.


Conscious Commerce & Business

Based on the conscious exchange of material goods and resources, the collaboration of these embodied, empowered, & sustained well-beings, begin to inspire the co-creation of Eco friendly Micro Business Commerce to support the growing skill-sets and abilities of the community. Each member begins to play and share roles in this community enterprise and the abundance of care and stewardship of each member mentioned earlier will be reflected in the quality of goods produced. This stage of the community’s developmental process marks the start and tracking of its ability to exchange self created goods for export to be used as a means of exchange between the local and global communities for the importation of goods. By virtue of living a spirited and conscious relationship with the earth in a fully sustainable way, members of the community co-create and distribute these material goods and services as a representation of their Cottage & Village Industry, providing an abundance of prosperity and a sustainable source of workplaces within the village.



Continuing to uplift, build upon, adapt, and make upgrades to the infrastructural well-being of this community model, we will utilize and R&D with various iterations of sustainable technology advanced in the fields of: Water Science; Irrigation/Distribution/Structuring/Grey & Black Water Reclaimation/Remediation, Soil Ecology; Amendment/Propagation/Regeneration/Remediation/Conditioning, Food Production; Permaculture/Agro-Forestry/Aquaponics/Biodynamic Farming/Seed Propagation/Crop Rotation, Natural Earth Building Techniques; Design/Bio-Architecture/Earth Berm/Adobe/Geodesics, and Energy Resourcing; Hydroelectric/Biomass/Hydrogen/Geothermal/Solar/Wind & Plasma Enhanced Electrical Generation, to create a completely off the grid, self sufficient, and closed loop generation & distribution of utility resources amongst the organism and its members.


Empowering Lifestyles

All of the support from these nodes encompasses and enlivens the individual, and through them, the whole organism; this is the full circle nature of sustainability playing itself out. It may be easy to ask oneself “with many system solutions seemingly available, why is the world in the state it is?” We have noticed that the current world system can be very dis-empowering. Through conventional media platforms, modern education and social dynamics, people are unconsciously trained to judge, compare, be pessimistic, stressed, worried, & doubtful, and this engenders unsustainability. This is a very inauthentic way to approach life, for life is here for a reason, and that is To live! To experience life fully and authentically one most be free of fear and limitation and be willing to do what it takes to find out what their deepest purpose and passion is on this planet, and then thrive in that rediscovered knowing. Through our on-site and digital education system, empowering people to live a life of fulfillment is our goal. An empowered person cannot be stopped, and an empowered person with Earth-Centric Values are in-arguably the type of people necessary to make and create our collective haven on our planet. By empowering one another to live this thriving lifestyle, we intrinsically feed the whole, and with each authentic step that we take, nourish this reality for our ancestors and the infinite generations to come.