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Project: EARTH


Note: the above video was made 3.5 years ago and will be updated in November with a more relevant and current one.


  • Best Technologies & Innovations in Bio-Architecture, Renewable/Radiant Energy, Food and Water Systems, Economic Systems and Social Architecture.
  • Advanced Educational Environments, Materials, Practices and Concepts.
  • Holistic (Gestalt) Mind, Body and Spirit Development.
  • Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions.
  • Integrative Wellness Services.
  • Community grounded in Truth, Love and Integrity… true security & peace of mind.
  • The Highest Attainable Nourishment with Vibrant “Living Foods and Water.”

Community Living – Reclaiming our Heart Wisdom & Core Life Purpose

By creating communities, that make it easy, affordable and rewarding to be socially and environmentally conscious, a whole shift in behaviors and culture naturally arises that fundamentally transforms the lives of people. Encouraging core purpose development and joyful life embodiment allows for a new epoch of human fulfillment, connection, peace and prosperity.

EARTH sites combine a hybrid matrix of profitable real estate development, new paradigm economic development, and Eco-community cooperatives; this provide members with a higher standard of abundance and wellness, for significantly less money, time and effort, than is required in our current societal model.


The E.A.R.T.H. Project

The EARTH project vision is to create a living laboratory for evolving experiential education and developing regenerative ecological solutions. This Educational Agrarian Research Technology Haven (EARTH) will engender a culture of creative development and advanced technologies, to provide full-spectrum healthy lifestyle choices, and holistic learning experiences, for people of all ages. A permanent community of cultural creatives, social innovators, maverick entrepreneurs and extraordinary families will live onsite to grow the center, showcase leading earth-friendly technologies and practices, and experience the most enriched human existence currently possible.

This collaborative land-based initiative will be co-created by leading experts from around the world. We have chosen to partner with individuals and enterprises that have created the many diverse components necessary to build a thriving Eco-Social incubator and world-class sustainability template. The EARTH Project is designed to further advance the global collaborative efforts of social innovators, visionaries, maverick entrepreneurs, and motivated cultural creatives interested in embodying an enriched worldview now, for the betterment of all existing and future humankind.

EVERYTHING we implement, innovate and invent will be professionally documented and shared with the world. Imagine a user-friendly interface with high quality learning videos showing the “how to’s” of sustainable living. We have developed strategic partnerships with multiple media companies and outlets to disperse content created daily at EARTH to the huge global audience eager to tune in. We’re talking seriously entertaining, informative, easy to understand video tutorials on all the components necessary to create a thriving, self-sustainable lifestyle for you and your entire family! Our Digital Ecosystem will provide just that, along with a full homeschooling platform for everyone, everywhere, at every time to engage in the process of dynamic life learning.

The primary EARTH Community will provide members with sustainable housing, fresh organic foods, nutraceuticals and  phytomedicines, renewable energy, new paradigm economic opportunities, access to whole-person wellness centers & integrative healthcare, applied and interactive education, conscious childcare, clean transportation technology, science & innovation centers, creative centers for art, music & media, and entrepreneurial centers to help community members start their own businesses. It will also serve as the template model for similar EARTH communities to be created, independently and/or with support of our team, around the world.  EARTH Communities will provide residents and investors with diversified income streams and portfolio options from community businesses in all of the sectors mentioned above.

We are currently looking for funding partners aligned with our mission of creating the flagship E.A.R.T.H. Project. Please Contact Us if you are highly interested in creating this vision together. You can also Support Us directly now.

Long-Term Vision

Create a global network of independent and interconnected EARTH communities that support an expanded and elevated living and learning paradigm. Each EARTH center will be custom tailored to its local environment yet will share similar values, technologies and primary revenue producing businesses. EARTH communities will share a documented example of the longevity and profitability of sustainable living along with all the diverse ways to get there.  Through multiple micro-businesses and vertical marketplaces created onsite, and the active embodiment of personal empowerment through hands-on learning, each EARTH community will generate it’s own revenue streams, while providing all life essentials for a thriving planetary existence to its community members.

“A human-scale, full-featured settlement in which human activities are harmlessly integrated into the natural world in a way that is supportive of healthy human development, with multiple centers of initiative, and (which) can successfully be continued into the indefinite future.” —Eco-Villages and Sustainable Communities, a Report for Gaia Trust by Context Institute, Robert and Diane Gilman, 1991