EARTH New Mexico

EARTH New Mexico is our potential blueprint community template, consisting of two properties near within 1 hour of each other. Our vision is to create and document the process of birthing the first EARTH Eco-Villages as well as the Timeless Learning System, in its digital and physical forms. The project is founded on: zero-waste living, sustainable lifestyle practices, inspired collaboration coupling global contribution, sharing models, and unconditional love for the Earth and each other.

Note: we are currently reviewing properties in 6 states and 5 countries to assess and determine the perfect location for our template community and learning center. For more information please Contact Us

Property 1:      

Chosen for its proximity to Santa Fe and its existing status as a profit positive retreat center in ready-to-operate condition. Timeless will use this site as our company headquarters which our Exec team resides, and where our curriculum development experts can meet to complete the New Earth Curriculum to be offered at each of our Timeless Centers.

This property is a high desert haven, with thirty lush acres of spring-fed ponds, gardens, surrounding grassland, and creek based ecosystems that support the local wildlife and adjacent 35-acre nature preserve. A year-round spring fed wetland that maintains the main biome of the property. All water utilized on the property, including the tap water comes from the multiple aquifers and springs on the property.

Plan of Action:
This facility is currently in operation and has booking through until the end of the year. As we are adding additional structures and improving the property, we will continue to operate the primary retreat center and improve existing services to our guests. We will keep the existing staff on hand and support a smooth transition into operating as a part of the Timeless company culture and best practices. With a nearby land plot for sale, the possibilities of expansion and development are strong. We will hold 40 day healing and empowerment immersion retreats on the property; these retreats will be filmed for TV and Internet series to educate humanity on personal care and full-spectrum nutrition and empower people to act on the information they receive.

Eco-retreat Center: Our first site is an existing retreat center; we will incorporate the Timeless Solutions conscious business practices to create world-class programs for our guests and visitors.  Our main site in New Mexico will feature its own, 5-star eco-retreat center within 3 years.

Property 2:      

Located just 1 hour from our headquarters, this property serves as our flagship property where the complete New Earth Curriculum can be offered. This will become out template for ground-up eco-village development, shared with the world through our Media department. This is also the potential site of the Indigenous United Nations, a partnership affiliation which strengthens its exposure and significance, and will allow a resurgence of ancient wisdom in our modern world.

The property is part Commercial, part Residential, part Farm, and part Ranch, existing on over 1600 acres of mature pinyon and juniper tree grasslands. This property is host to over one mile of River Frontage and was installed initially as an Educational Campus in the 1980’s. With over 70,000 sq.ft. of living and event space comprised of: Admission Building, Welcome Center & Gallery, 56 Casitas, Maintenance/Security Buildings and Clinic, Computer Center/Library, Commercial Kitchen with Dining Hall, Horse Stables, Main House, Two Staff Houses,Classroom building with Laundry Facilities, Storage Facility, Pool, Pool House/Tennis Courts, and 5 wells with: two 25,000 gallon gravity fed water tanks, a 15,000 gallon recycled grey water tank, and 244,000 gallon water treatment pond.

Plan of Action
Once we acquire the property, we will begin basic renovations which we plan on being a 6-month process, making the property live in ready and operable by Winter 2012. On acquisition, we also intend to construct agricultural greenhouses on site so that agriculture production can begin starting in the Spring of 2013. At this point, we will open the center and begin to build our community on site.