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“If Joy is to be your path, then Gratitude shall be your staff!” ~Robert E. Staub

Timeless Family Commemorations:

We are filled with immeasurable gratitude toward those who are actively involved in bringing this vision to fruition!  We have built this page to commemorate the heroes who actively support the creation of new educational paradigm.  Thank you to all those who support and encourage this mission, of providing an empowering, joyful experience of self-discovery, to everyone, everywhere, at every time(less). THANK YOU (Mahalo, Gracias, Danke schön…) Klee Irwin, Karen Tenne, Christine Staub, Ours Ondine-Hohmann, Sonja Kass, Susan Cerny, Aeon Phlo, Jason Martini, Hannah Humphries, and Marie Asinovski, Yeshe Star Crystal Keeper, Hannah Humphries, Caroline Frazer, Michael Gaio, Pat Hummel, Amit Zohar, John Schindler, David Vitt, Miranda Dornfeld, Zander Phelps, Travis Richards, Jade Crear and all the other committed community members for providing monetary contributions to help grow the Timeless Movement, including it’s learning system and E.A.R.T.H. Project.


We are grateful for Steve Wozniak, Foster Gamble, Miranda Dornfeld, Dusty Staub, Rachail Runninghorse, Edelle Sher, Sonja Kass, Daniel, Eli Hayes, Dmitriy Kozlov, Chelsea Perkins, Chandra Soncovia, Nina Starsong, James Ayotte, Felicia Cowden, Kyle Buckley, Davin Infinity, Alex Fairman, Sean Tebor, Margie Halfon, Casey Greenling, Tracy & Geo Collins,  Anthony Carlson, Jake Ducey, Ocea Demer, Sun Lovesong, Jacqueline Beaudette, Richard Arthur Love, Joseph Smythe, and Casey Greenling for your energetic support that has allowed us to blossom. The ELEVATE Team; Mikki, Steve, Nadia, Adil, Kerri, Lizzie, Patty, Hope, J-Quest, Nathaniel, Alex, David, Zandra, Benjamin, Darakshan… We thank you for your hospitality, incredible vision and brilliance of being!


We appreciate Living Wisdom School, Kin Domains, Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori, Sudbury, Findhorn, Damanhaur, The Farm, Archisante, Smash, Common Ground Kauai, Ojai Foundation, Oak Grove, Great Spirits Ranch, Eco Eden, along with thousands of other individuals and communities… for being spectacular inspirations of alternative living and learning solutions in action today. Source/God/GoddessCreator/Original Dreamer/Unspeakable Tao… for illuminating our path and being the constant source of support for this mission and all of creation.   Support holistic, joyful self-mastery, and lifelong learning solutions, for yourself and others!