All housing and community spaces will be built as beautiful, clean, ‘living’, functional, efficient, sustainable and regenerative  Several aspects of living successfully in community are addressed to provide workable options for our members: 

Zoning: In order to maintain a sense of freedom while maintaining a respect for the space and privacy of other members, zoning by use will be employed. Although community involvement, participation and celebration is encouraged, so is respect for members’ desire for quiet, focus, contemplation, meditation and rest. Thus, separate zoning will be provided for the following.

  • Private Zones
  • Meditation, contemplation and quiet zones
  • Music, dancing and celebration zones
  • Industrial zones
  • Commercial zones
  • Recreation and sports zones
  • Event zones
  • Residental zones
  • Spiritual zones
  • Resort/Retreat zones
  • Healing zone

Bio-Architecture is a major feature we seek to incorporate in all our buildings regardless of design or material types.  Earth Communities are dedicated to designing and developing building spaces which create, support, and enhance life living systems. The premise behind bio-architecture is that all life responds well to design that is in accordance with nature and avoids harmful materials and sharp corners which literally bleed (haemorrhage) capacitive charge. The ultimate goal of biologic architecture is to create fractal charge fields that are implosive in nature and encourage life, positive DNA resonance and charge implosion (the electrical principle of life itself).

Design Guidelines – Create living and learning spaces by observing some simple rules:

1. Use natural geometries, shapes, forms, ratios and growth patterns to design our spaces in order to create life and truly sustainable systems. This is ‘Full Spectrum’ not just ‘green’ architecture!

2. Use virtually ALL biologic materials to create fractal charge field effects (avoid particularly aluminum and steel – also plastics wherever at all possible).

3. Plan structures by observing for negative ion potential, and environmental magnetic maps to find the places of healing most suitable for living (non-destructive charge compression).

4. Make detailed plans to eliminate most all electro-smog, the adverse affects of electrical contamination. (Seriously poisonous to most biology).

5. Include paramagnetic stone arrays (dolmen, stone circle, labyrinth) kinds of structure external and or internal – to create rose petal like attraction for living charge.

This is just one example of alternative sustainable housing partnership connections we have made!  GreenSociety has designed and built amazing sustainable housing alternatives and wishes to partner with us on our vision.  Check them out at GreenSociety.Co

1. Water Vortexer

2. Double Green House

3. Aquaponics System

4. Waste Water Reclaimation

5. Grey Water Reclaimation

6. Colonics Toilet

7. Zeolite Shower Filter

8. Solar Power

9. Wind Power

10. Plasma Enhanced Electrical Generator

11. Grounding Bed

12. Hanging Bed

13. Solar Heated Water Tank

14. Water Vortexer

15. High Tech Living Kitchen

16. Yoga Swing

17. Far-Inrared Sauna

18. Super Adobe Foundation with Radiant Heat

Rendered Version

Village designs will incorporate modular geodesic and/or monolithic dome structures, green-built infrastructures, innovative farming technologies, algaeoxygen generators, structured water purification systems and self-sufficient centralized systems of energy production, along with waste water management.

In truth, we are actually going beyond the concept of “green” to produce “living” bio-arcitecture structures, that are focused equally on a truly Earth honoring approach to life, and the best interests of humanity. Below are schematics drawn by Michael Rice, one of our architects. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information on organic building and our design guidelines with the community.

Community Center

Mahalaya Community Center


Gathering Space

Mahalaya Gathering Space



Mahalaya Eco-Resort/Retreat


Healing Center



Birthing Center



Apartment Co-Housing






Private Residence 1



Private Residence 2