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E.A.R.T.H. Team

Timeless E.A.R.T.H. Team


“Community Development”


JahSun White Eagle   ∞   Logistics Coordinator & Lead Guardian

JahSun spent ten years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force with various responsibilities, including deputy of management operations for the 500-person, multinational, and multi-billion dollar GPS program office. His graduate degree is in organizational leadership and development and he initiated through the Mankind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure in 2001. He has been involved with the Men of the Code, Agoge Trainings and Wisdom Circles as well as ceremonies, activations, and initiations throughout the world. Those lineages include the Mayan, Incan, Shipibo, Q’ero, Hopi, Lakota, Tibetan, Maori, Deer Tribe, and Order of Melchezidek.



Aeon Pi Phlo   ∞   Sustainable Research Director

Aeon has been  a Life Coach, for 10 years and has learned to master words in such a way that he may uplift and help heal humanity sharing a view into their highest potential, and well being .  He is a Seeker of the most divine path and perfect Truth.  Seeking to Bring his Vision to every heart in the world… through creating Sustainable solutions and building villages that Draw the ecology in.  He sees how working with certain key elements one can build a prosperity plan right into every environment and now has 22 sites for which this model will be implemented over the next few years.

He Created Co-operation Gaia in 2000 as a Non incorporated entity (Meaning~ -simply a conception of bridging his networks’ 1000′s of like minded individuals) to begin networking with people in all areas of sustain-ability.  He now works with Groups that wish to make sustainable changes in Technology, Community, Economy, Health, Food, Permaculture, Ecological Restoration/Remediation and the Medical field both with Alternative medicines and Leading edge/cutting edge innovations and has (with the help of his Team, the Crazy 8′s) compiled a Document breaking down the Village Template Called “Gaia Tech Eco Village Collaboration”. GTVC is a platform for plugging partners into working together as one.  Aeon is the founder of the Gaia Think Tank which has been Created as a platform for the meeting of the minds and hearts.

Aeon is a Coordinator on The Sitwall Timebank and is currently using this for most of his exchanges. He lives his life by Barter Trade and Exchange and has learned to thrive in his home environment. He envisions people Exchanging time as a Future Alternative Currency.  He says The only thing we have of Equal value is Time.


Lizzy Ziogas   ∞   Community Director

Having lived, worked, and thrived within intentional communities including Café Gratitude, San Francisco Yoga Society, Elevate Films Studios, and The Ojai Foundation, Lizzy brings wisdom and experience in the heart centered navigation of communal living and working environments. She has studied personal empowerment, yoga, Waldorf education, Landmark Curriculum for Living, as well as Leadership and Community Council. She volunteered for a year at the Macchi Cultural Institute in Paraguay, initiating a youth leadership and community empowerment program. As an events coordinator, she’s worked as Director of Live Events, producing conscious, prayerful, and playful events for Elevate Films. She’s co-producer of Ecotopia, a three-day festival in Ojai, California, and Grateful Fridays, a weekly event in Hollywood.


Sun   ∞   Human Design Analyst & Holistic Wellness Director

As an innovator in the study and development of Human Design for over a decade, Sun focuses on the unique aspects held with each template as a tool to guide people and businesses toward: self-empowerment, self-acceptance, and self-actualization of their true purpose and passion. Her personal understanding of her own design inspired her to move to Kauai, to work closely with the native plants and people of the region. A landscaper for 13 years, Sun specializes in the planting and cultivation of local and wild edibles, designing and enhancing any environment to provide fresh food and nourishment to the surrounding Ecology. She loves to cater Raw Food events, and has co-created two raw food restaurants in her past.

With a deep passion for Gem and Mineral Science , Sun has found herself working closely with the top world specialists in this field, and has applied this passion to the application of Crystals for use in Earth Gridding & the Geomantic response.  She is also a certified Aromatherapist, who claims creativity, cultural appreciation, compassionate consciousness, and ceremonial celebration as some of her core values to share with the world.


Joseph Smyth   ∞   Master Architect

Joseph’s personal mission and passion is to participate in facilitating and evoking a change in human consciousness resulting in humanity working together to protect, preserve and restore the biosphere; and all of it’s beauty and life form diversity; by planning, designing and developing; sustainable, agrarian based, urban and rural; villages and cities, which fully support the elevation of consciousness and the joyous abundance offered by life on Earth. With over 50 years of experience in the fields of architecture, community planning and development, Joseph applies his vision to the continued emerging and evolving ways of living in harmony with nature and each other.

With a Bachelors in Architecture and his Masters in systems design from Texas A&M University; his first major project was to apply his systems design skills to the design of:  The Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in Washington, DC from 1967-1970. Then in business for himself, oversaw the design and development of over 5,000 acres of East Cost Planning & Development Projects, starting with the development of a 450 planned community, which is thriving and beautiful to this day, followed by a 341 town-home master plan, an Estate Master Plan, 232 unit condominium project along with many others. His West Coast Planning & Development Projects total over 13,000 acres of innovative land plans for sustainable community development.

As a part of Joseph’s interest in sustainable living, he has spent years learning about the various components of sustainability, with a keen interest in Paulownia Tree Food-Forest-Farming Systems, and Biofuels Facility Development. His planning and development work in Arizona alone, now totals of over 4,000 acres of land, with projects ranging from Urban Villages for 25,000 people, to rural water reclamation, wetlands, & organic farming communities. As his innovations in sustainable community planning and design became more widely known, he was asked to speak in eco-city conferences nationally and internationally, and has been hosted in a selection of Papers, Magazine & Newspaper Articles, and Television Interviews. Joseph is the creator of visions that combine the strength and the creative boldness of the American dream and, at the same time, are based in the wisdom that lies in thousands of years of traditional cultures throughout the world.


Jacqueline Beaudette   ∞   Media Consultant & Producer

Jacqueline was born in Carmel, California, although her curiosity inspired her to travel across the globe, producing and directing documentaries and television shows. One month after the infamous 9-11 attack, her job with The History Channel brought her to the Middle East, where her eyes opened to the global need for positive multimedia with long-range impact. Producing and directing experience at Sony Pictures, MTV, Columbia Tri-Star, and Fox, has given her a solid production base and a powerful roster of distinguished contacts. Jacqueline has filled multiple roles during her career, from Assistant Director to Executive producer, and received an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Investigative Reporting” for Fox News, where she designed an investigative template to protect children eventually adapted by law enforcement internationally. Deeply desiring to share stories of global relevance, Jacqueline found her wish fulfilled by directing segments with Ammachi, Dr. Jane Goodall and 500 Saints and Religious Leaders during The Women’s Global Peace Initiative, hosted by the United Nations in Geneva. The experience shifted her focus to create a workable plan of action for PEACE ON EARTH and bring together the people, projects and systems now emerging to do just that.


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