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Dominique Delchiaro   ∞   New Earth Curriculum Director

Dominique has over 18 years experience as an elementary, middle, and high school teacher with major roles in starting several charter schools. She is working on her PhD in Rites of Passage under Transpersonal Psychology. Dominique will write her dissertation on a New Earth Curriculum for Timeless Learning. Her work must be research-based and tested, giving Timeless Learning an amazing opportunity to create a researched, accredited curriculum program. Dominique has 23 years experience working with teens as an advocate in areas of personal growth, and more than 14 years experience providing educational workshops for teachers, school staff, parents, service clubs, law enforcement and community members.




Fran Tyson Marchino   ∞   Adult Education & Conscious Parenting

Fran has worked with children and youth from pre-kindergarten through post high school including children who have mild to moderate mental disabilities, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral challenges, substance abuse, and autism spectrum disorders with their families and support agencies for over 25 years. She invites ones to connect with and live from their heart, expressing truth, experiencing balance and harmony in relationships, thereby, teaching children to live by exquisite values and principles. By providing the structure and environments for our children to be fulfilled, we support them in activating their own truth; she has worked in public school systems as a psychologist and assisted in the formation of an alternative education environment. Working together, we create cooperative communities demonstrating stewardship through responsibility. Fran has credentials in Special Education, holds a post-graduate degree in School Psychology from The College of William and Mary, is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Registered as a Play Therapist.


Carey Hardy   ∞

Carey Hardy has been studying the art of healing and self-empowerment since her early twenties, which she combines with her lifelong gift of intuitive abilities. Her healing work began in Los Angeles, CA. where she started her studies of Reiki, Phonic healing, Qi-Gong and meditation. She had the privilege of living in Kauai for the past 6 years to study several different modalities from a vast array of master teachers. These Include Qi-Gong Master Hong from China, Lomi-Lomi, Hawaiian Massage, from a native Hawaiian Kahuna, Shiatsu from Virginia Dunas- a direct student of Master Nomikoshi, and Sound Therapy from expert Peggy Black. Other modalities she is trained in are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Sports Massage, Cranial-sacral work, Reflexology, White Time Healing, Reiki (Masters Certification), Crystal Healing and Sacred Breath work. She has personally used these tools, with the guidance of her spiritual team, to heal addictions and release emotional and mental belief patterns that no longer serve.

She has held a life long passion for children, working in Elementary and Pre-schools since the age of 17.  Bringing forth her knowledge in Indigo Family Coaching, Non-Violent Communication, conflict resolution, Brain Gym, and Children’s Yoga she has infused a unique and alternative way to nurture and support our young children. She is constantly researching alternative schools and philosophies on how to allow our children to stay in the light and love of their divine purpose. She believes that when we live in alignment with the divine blue print of why we are here, we move in ultimate freedom and in complete harmony with creation.  This is one of the keys to bringing peace to the planet. She is dedicated to helping individuals align to their true infinite nature and guiding them into the new paradigm of Unity Consciousness.  She’s currently putting together lectures and classes to help families move along the road to conscious conception, releasing birth trauma, and soft birthing practices in alignmentwith the “Birthing a New Humanity” movement. She is supporting adults and children back to their original essence of divine light.


Aaron Hall   ∞   Digital Ecosystem Program Manager

As Chief Technology Officer of LearningSpan, Aaron was responsible for the design and implementation of the complex technical infrastructure that provided unique courseware management and sharing capabilities for course vendors, as well as a beautiful, full-featured learning management system for individuals and corporate training managers. Beginning with work on the GDLN (Global Distance Learning Network), one of the most advanced distance learning platforms in the early days of the web, Aaron has been involved with online education and distance learning for over 15 years. Driven by a passion for quality that is always seeking greater levels of code elegance, he has had a life-long love affair with computers and software design. Aaron is dedicated to building this vision and wishes to give this amazing learning opportunity to his own three children.


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