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Joyous Presence (JP)   ∞   President & Founder

Founder of Timeless Solutions and the Timeless Learning System, JP has assisted in the development process of several small businesses; JP has followed his inner knowing and entrepreneurial spirit through his entire life.  JP is responsible for overall company and vision development, detail analysis and deployment. A certified Hatha Yoga instructor, intuitive body worker, activated visionary and awakened global citizen, JP is here to fulfill his two life themes: 1) Bridge ancient wisdom with modern ingenuity to inspire a timeless way of being, and 2) Inspire others to lead lives of limitless purpose, passion, and potential. JP envisioned the S.H.A.R.E. learning methodology, along with it’s open-source Timeless Curriculum, and is responsible for its continuous evolution. Learn more


Lucinda Loves   ∞   LovesPresence Store Creator544514_545820345452592_997944737_n

Lucinda is a life activator who uses a multi-modality method to assist you in (re)discovering your illuminated self. Her main specialties include Sound Healing (with Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls and Vocal Toning), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Intuitive Body-Work, Tantric Life Awareness, and Harmonious Relationships. She brings these talents to the Timeless team for greater health and joy in the organizational development process. Lucinda is also tasked with creating high quality edu-tainment content to share these different wisdom offerings with the world. Lucinda is the founder of LovesPresence, the eCommerce portal of the Timeless Vision. This ingenious store is devoted to sharing advanced learning and healing technologies, awareness raising and Earth-honoring products, and items that foster a sense of greater love for the miracle of life. The proceeds from this store will go to supporting free education.




Juniper Clare   ∞   Operations Director

Juniper has a passion for sustainability and more than a decade of experience in logistics, business/project/team management, and communications. She currently manages a successful organic/wild herbs kombucha business, is confidential project manager for a bestselling author, facilitates ecstatic dance, offers Empowerment Coaching, leads ceremonies, and teaches yogic living technology. She has moved from Sedona, where she was managing a community events center, to Santa Fe to fully realize her dream of creating sustainable eco-retreat centers. She was Logistical Organizer for events such as Hunter Thompson’s $4 million memorial service, Cirque De Soleil’s “Believe” premiere, the Princess of Qatar’s multi-million dollar wedding, the City of Hope’s Fundraising Gala, and more. She was a representative in the Youth Stakeholder Group presenting at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development 2004-2007. Her BA is in Sustainable International Development from Clark University, where she co-founded its Sustainability Initiative.


Eric “Rock” Paliuca   ∞   Business Community Relations, Co-Founder

Rock graduated University of Connecticut Business School in May 2011.  Since then he has founded two companies and been part of several visionary projects.  In 2012 he started Next Level Media, which creates integrative marketing solutions for businesses to expand their market reach through appealing & delicious photos.  In addition, he understands the business side of driving customers through the door by creating a positive social environment on Facebook and similar platforms.

When Rock is not behind his camera or computer, he enjoys bringing together leaders to design holistic health solutions for the world.  Currently, he is overseeing the expansion of a raw food restaurant in Santa Fe, NM to expand into a global superfoods distribution network and other health products.



Alex Fairman   ∞   Business Strategist

Alex founded his first company at age 17 while he was a full-time student. His business experience and strategic thinking is critical to manifesting our visions for new models of education, and he currently works at the University of Southern California in curriculum design and process optimization. Alex also works with youth in the Los Angeles area through a customized apprenticeship program, designed to catalyze and support young men in developing their physical, mental, and spiritual abilities to live a hero’s journey in a practical way in the 21st century. Alex understands the tactical challenges in shifting paradigms and is a skilled presenter for our team.



Nathaniel Solace   ∞   Social Media Expert

Author, teacher, public speaker and online social influencer, Nathaniel is an ambassador of sustainable, progression-based education systems. Coining the term “Medicinal Media” with his popular Youtube channel, MahaNomi, Nathaniel uses the power of social media to spread uplifting and inspiring entertainment across the globe. He has been involved in social media for over seven years and now gains hundreds of new subscribers daily. Nathaniel understands the subtle layers of language, integrity, system dynamics, collaboration, and how they apply to effective, positive marketing. Nathaniel effectively leverages the power of social media to spread empowerment education globally.



Akira Chan   ∞   Visual Arts Manager

Akira Chan is a mixed media visual artist who has been refining his video work for the last decade. Guided by modern, traditional, experimental, indigenous, Eastern, Western, spiritual, and political themes, Akira’s projects have included documenting community building through cultural video work in South America and Cuba. He filmed the first TedX Burning Man, as well as short films promoting Eastern medicine and the healing arts. Raising awareness through the celebration of expression and knowledge. Akira is currently focused on documentary work involving arts in education, indigenous wisdom, and consciousness shifting through music, performance, and technology.
Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 4.11.07 PMBrandi M. Veil
Brandi Veil is a prolific Hollywood event producer, public speaker and writer. She is focused on new methods of communicating social good through community building, philanthropy and CSR corporate socail responcibility as a fun and alternative way to educate attendees at events. As an enthusiast and consultant she educates her clients on event strategy, technology and mobile platforms as a template for turning mainstream conferences and festivals into a sustainable platform for social, economic and global awareness of key issues.

As a expert in program development, production and planning, her introduction to new systems is a way to engage attendees at events using volunteering, education, and engagement technology to establish a much needed system for the future.

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